The Games 

Let Me Win, But if I Cannot Win Let me Be Brave in the Attempt

The Special Olympics competition model is set up for athletes of varying abilities to have the opportunity to compete at Provincial, National, and World Games.  Each community/province/nation has its own set of criteria in how an athlete is eligible to represent them.  Athletes move through the model in a progressive way; first is to meet the community criteria for selection to attend a Provincial Games, the next stage is to meet the Provincial organization’s criteria for selection to attend a National Games, and the final stage is to meet the National organization’s criteria for selection to attend a World Games. Each stage takes place in 1 year of the 4-year cycle, with the Summer and Winter Games on different cycles.  See below for information on where we are at in the current cycles. 

Coaches and other volunteers also have opportunities to participate in all stages of the Games using the same progressive approach that the athletes do.

The Games Cycle

Here is our current Games Cycle.  Remember, in order to participate as either an athlete or volunteer you must enter the cycle at stage one, meeting all the criteria for participation at that level before potentially being selected to move to the next stage.  Selection to advance is not guaranteed at any stage, but due to divisions classifications, athletes of different abilities do have the opportunity for participation.

Summer Games Cycle

Winter Games Cycle

The qualifying Year 2015/2016
The qualifying Year 2017/2018
Provincial Games Year  2016/2017   Moose Jaw 
National Games Year  2017/2018   Bowling PEI May 14th-20th 2018 All other Sports Nova Scotia July 31/Aug 4  2018
World Games Year 2018/2019  Abu Dhabi March 8th-21st 2019
National Games Year 2019/2020 Thunder Bay 2019 (Date TBD)
World Games Year 2020/2021 (Location an Date TBD)